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Silly Dress-Up: When You Just Want To Mess With Him/ Her

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You shouldn’t always take your relationship too seriously. Sometimes, all you want to do is mess with your partner. Here’s an awesome way you can do that.

A great way to mess with your spouse is playing the game “Silly Dress-up”.

Silly Dress-Up
You’ve probably already played dress-up games as a child; but if you haven’t this is as good a time as any to try it out.

Have you ever imagined how your girlfriend/ wife would look all dressed up like a bearded gentleman? Alternatively, would you relish the thought of seeing your boyfriend/ husband dressed up in a miniskirt and high heels? Why not actualize your crazy fantasies and dress up your spouse – all in good fun.

How to Play
This game might require a bit of preparation earlier on just to get the right clothes, or you can make do with whatever clothes you have in the house.

The best way to fully relish the moment your partner transitions into a completely new look, is by first putting…

Hot Buttons and Golden Keys: This Game Will Answer 3 Major Questions in Every Relationship

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There exist 3 major questions that people must inquire about in their relationships:
Do you truly know what your partner needs?Does your spouse truly know what you need?Does your partner believe you know what he/ she truly needs (this is critical in developing trust in your relationship)?
You can answer these critical questions with an exciting and fun relationship-building game.

How to Fire Up the Love in Your Relationship

At times people experience a lull in their relationships. At such times love seems to get lukewarm. But if you are that kind of a person who will never settle for anything less than a fiery, intimate love, then you had better do something about.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Animal Description: An Exciting Dating Trivia To Uncover Your Personality

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You're seated right next to each other and each of you feels that there's a lot you want to find out about each other. But it seems that all you do is chat about anything other than yourselves. How do you start a conversation about who you really are without making it sound too serious?

What you need is an ice-breaker, or more precisely, a dating trivia. Here's one that will help you uncover more about your girlfriend's/ boyfriend's personality.

Crazy Drama: A Relationship Game To Bring Out The Humorous Side Of Your Differences

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Do you just hate his guts simply because he loves staying indoors and watching football, instead of taking you out on a romantic dinner? Or perhaps, he too is pissed off because you're always checking on him even if he just stepped out to buy some groceries.

Well, those are some peculiar habits that you partner may have. Some of them can be changed, but others, you might as well learn to live with. And which better way to enjoy your differences than to see the humorous side of it all.

Here's a game that will give you a fun time as you discover how differently you think.

My Sweet Spot: A Relationship Game That Will Boost Your Sex Life

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We've all heard the rumors that men are always turned on and that figuring out a woman's sexuality is more complex than rocket science. Most probably, such rumors aren't true, but there's only one way to find out: ask your partner.

Now, there's the difficult part - asking your partner. How do you go about it without emasculating your man or completely putting off your woman by draining love-making of all the romance and turning it into a mechanical project? Well, here's a relationship-building game to help in breaking the ice.

Step In My Shoes: The Relationship-building Game That Uncovers What Your Partner Doesn't Tell You

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Have you ever asked your partner what was bugging him/ her and he/ she claimed to be OK, yet you knew that something was definitely wrong? It sure makes you feel as if you're living separate lives, instead of developing an exciting life together.

Sometimes, it's simply because he/ she thinks you wouldn't understand. Well, here's a relationship-building game that can help you understand your partner's trials and tribulations.

Your Story My Story: A Relationship-building Game To Turn Your Two Separate Lives Into One Exciting Life

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When you get into a relationship, you're actually trying to merge the experiences and expectations of your life with that of your partner. This diversity can either bring conflict or excitement into the relationship (that's why you need to know your partner pretty well).

Let's try out a game to help build an exciting union of your two separate lives.

I Know You (Version 2): A Superb Game To Bring Your Partner Back Down To Earth

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After playing the last relationship-building game (I Know You), I wouldn't be surprised if someone discovered that his girlfriend/ wife was actually Cat Woman in secret. I hope someone discovered that her boyfriend/ husband is Bat Man - just to even things out a bit.

Well, here's another variation to that game - this time you're going to bring your cocky husband/ boyfriend/ wife/ girlfriend back down to solid earth. Make her/ him smell the good-old morning cup of coffee and realize that he/ she is not Superman or Wonderwoman.

I Know You: An Amazing Game To Reveal What You Know About Your Partner's Secret Powers

Sometimes we take our friends or spouses for granted, simply because we underestimate their capacity. Appreciating your partner's abilities is just as important as developing trust in your relationship.

Well, here's an exciting game to help you uncover some hidden abilities your "super-human" partner has.

Blind Drawing: Great Game To Build Communication In Your Relationship

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Here's an awesome game to help you find out whether you're good at communicating with your partner. Communication is key if you want to develop an exciting marital life.

Mind Reader: Exciting Games To Build Trust In Your Relationship

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What is a relationship if you don't play any fun-filled games together? It's also a great way of discovering each other's abilities.

Here's an interesting and fun game that will help you find out what your partner knows and thinks about you.

How to Treat Your Date if He/ She Has a Disability

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You may be surprised to learn that dating disabled persons is in no way different from dating "non-disabled" persons. Every human being loves and hurts the exact same way.

A date with a disabled guy/ girl is definitely just as interesting and complicated as dating an "able-bodied" guy/ girl. There’s no shortcut to make it any easier. Fortunately, things can get a little bit better if you follow these simple rules: