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How to Treat Your Date if He/ She Has a Disability

Bummer! I thought they'd turn me into Robocop
Bummer! I thought they'd turn me into Robocop

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You may be surprised to learn that dating disabled persons is in no way different from dating "non-disabled" persons. Every human being loves and hurts the exact same way.

A date with a disabled guy/ girl is definitely just as interesting and complicated as dating an "able-bodied" guy/ girl. There’s no shortcut to make it any easier. Fortunately, things can get a little bit better if you follow these simple rules:

View Your Date As A Whole Person

Just because the person you love lost an arm or a leg, doesn't mean that he/ she doesn't have the same anxieties and feelings while dating, just as every other person does. There are only a few extra things to consider, mostly based on physical limitations.

That person seated right next to you is hoping that you can get over all the cultural misconceptions and simply view him/ her just as you would any other whole person. Only when you do this can you discover your date's unique and interesting personality. You can even try out some interesting dating trivia to help you uncover your partner's personality.

Remember, the last thing he/ she would ever want is to be viewed as a pity date or a novelty which will quickly be discarded.

Be Aware Of Emotional Issues

Recently disabled people may take longer before getting into dating. This is mainly because such a person’s sense of self-worth has been radically altered.

Emotional issues that may arise range from: worries concerning people’s perceptions to worrying that he/ she might never find true love because of the disability. These emotional issues must be taken into consideration when dating.

So, just take it easy at first. You could start of by going on a casual date, so as to get to know each other better. Developing a mutual understanding will help dispel serious doubts that can wreck your relationship later.

On the other hand, someone who has had a disability for a long period of time may have a less-cautious approach to dating. Such a person, most probably has successfully endured the difficult times, which makes him/ her much more stronger emotionally.

In this case, your date may even be more self-assured, confident and independent than you. Expect him/ her to be completely ready to get into the dating scene. This means that you must be equally as strong emotionally.

Adapt To His/ Her Needs

Depending upon the disability that someone has, he/ she may prefer walking slower or require regular breaks. Such needs may not be something that you are accustomed to. Conversely, a disabled person may surprise you by doing certain things even much better than you expect.

Therefore, it is important to allow a disabled person to do what he/ she can and help if truly necessary. In fact, your date may be so fiercely independent that he/ she may not need any assistance.

You may only need to do such simple things as holding the door open, as well as giving assistance in entering into or alighting from a car. You can also help your date in putting on a coat. Actually, these are the exact same things anyone would do in trying to impress someone you love.

Above all else, always expect to have the best time of your life. Remember, he/she also expects to have a wonderful time with you.

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