Mind Reader: Exciting Games To Build Trust In Your Relationship

are you thinking the same thoughts or just putting your heads together?
are you thinking the same thoughts or just putting your heads together?

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What is a relationship if you don't play any fun-filled games together? It's also a great way of discovering each other's abilities.

Here's an interesting and fun game that will help you find out what your partner knows and thinks about you.

Mind Reader

 The name of the game is "Mind Reader".

 Step One

Ask your partner to write down on a piece of paper something about you, without revealing what she/ he has written. You could ask her/ him to write down:
  1. Your worst habit
  2. Your greatest strength
  3. What you like about him/ her...
Then let your partner put the piece of paper under a book (make sure that the paper is labeled as the first request, because this game can get quite winded) without showing you the contents.

Step Two

Now it's your turn to write down what you think your partner has written about you. don't reveal to your partner what you've written. Place it under another book (make sure that this is labeled as the second request).

Step Three

Your partner can then go on to write once more, what he/ she thinks you have written in your paper. This means that he/ she is guessing at what she/ he believes you have thought she/ he wrote about you in the first paper.

Following this pattern, you can go on and on until your mental capacity reaches its peak.

The Revelation

Discovered anything new?

Alternatively, you can start the game with your partner writing something about herself/ himself.

Have fun, don't worry if you cannot tell what your partner thinks about you - it's a start to the process of discovery in your relationship. You can discover much more about your partner with the story-telling game.

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