Blind Drawing: Great Game To Build Communication In Your Relationship

relationship building games - an excuse to let out the child within
relationship building games - an excuse to let out the child within

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Here's an awesome game to help you find out whether you're good at communicating with your partner. Communication is key if you want to develop an exciting marital life.

See For Me

The name of the game is "blind drawing".

Step One

Put a blind-fold on your partner's eyes and give him/ her a piece of paper and pen.

Now instruct your partner as he/ she draws or writes something on the paper (make sure not to tell him/ her what it is you're instructing her/ him to draw, otherwise he/ she might draw from her/ his own intuition). It may be:
  1. a picture of a cow
  2. the words - 'I love you'
  3. a picture of a building...


Step Two

Once the drawing/ writing is complete, let your partner take off the blindfold and see what he/ she has drawn/ written. Then ask him/ her to put on the blindfold once more and  try to draw/ write the same thing, but without you instructing him/ her.

The Revelation

When complete, compare what your partner has drawn/ written without your instructions to what he/ she has drawn/ written with your instructions. Did your instructions help him/ her to draw/ write better or not? Was there good communication or not?

After this, it's now your turn to put on the blindfold. In case, one of you thinks he/ she is better than the other, you should try the I Know You (version 2) game - just to even things out.

Have fun!


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