Animal Description: An Exciting Dating Trivia To Uncover Your Personality

delicate but knows how to put on a disguise
delicate but knows how to put on a disguise
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You're seated right next to each other and each of you feels that there's a lot you want to find out about each other. But it seems that all you do is chat about anything other than yourselves. How do you start a conversation about who you really are without making it sound too serious?

What you need is an ice-breaker, or more precisely, a dating trivia. Here's one that will help you uncover more about your girlfriend's/ boyfriend's personality.

Animal Description

The name of this dating trivia is "Animal Description".

All you have to do is mention any animal that would describe a particular character trait that you have. Make sure to describe a particular behavior of the animal which reflects that specific character trait.

For Example, you can say that you're like a cat, which has its own independent thinking, unlike a dog which abides by its master's rules.

Then your date may ask you to explain by giving an example of what you did that shows your character. Perhaps, you quit a job in the past due to personal convictions...

After this, it's now your partner's turn to mention an animal that reflects his/ her character trait. You continue alternating in this manner until you both can no longer come up with any animal characteristics.

An Extra Twist

If you're comfortable enough around each other, you can make this dating trivia even more exciting. In case any one cannot come up with an animal description, he/ she would be forced to act like an animal chosen by the other. 

You may be instructed to do a specific action that a particular animal does. For instance, meow like a cat or fetch like a dog...

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Have fun! Cheers!

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