Crazy Drama: A Relationship Game To Bring Out The Humorous Side Of Your Differences

real life drama
real life drama
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Do you just hate his guts simply because he loves staying indoors and watching football, instead of taking you out on a romantic dinner? Or perhaps, he too is pissed off because you're always checking on him even if he just stepped out to buy some groceries.

Well, those are some peculiar habits that you partner may have. Some of them can be changed, but others, you might as well learn to live with. And which better way to enjoy your differences than to see the humorous side of it all.

Here's a game that will give you a fun time as you discover how differently you think.

Crazy Drama

The name of the game is "Crazy Drama".

First Step: The Plot

Firstly, you both come up with the theme/ plot for a short play involving a conversation between two characters. For example:
  1. A young boy has been caught by the mother stealing money from her purse.
  2. A beautiful, young girl has just been rescued from a car crash by a homeless guy.
  3. Two long-lost female friends are chatting after meeting up after a long time apart…

Second Step: Two Stories

Now you need to toss a coin and decide which role goes to who. You may end up with the role of the young boy, while your partner takes the role of the mother... This means that you'll be writing down the lines/ words for your specific character.

The trick here is that each of you will write down the lines for each character, but without consulting. You should decide on a fixed number of sentences that each of you would write.

Each of you must guess what the other would write down in the flow of conversation between the two characters in your play. Otherwise, it will all end up as one crazy drama.

Let The show Begin

Finally, you come together and start saying your lines one after the other (your partner reads one sentence, then you say the next, then your partner, then you…).

Is there any flow in the conversation or is it all one crazy drama?!!!!

Perhaps, there's a point in the conversation that reveals a hint of similar thinking between the two of you. If not, you might want to discover how your partner thinks.


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