I Know You: An Amazing Game To Reveal What You Know About Your Partner's Secret Powers

maybe we should be asking, "Do you really know who you're marrying?" rather than vowing, "for better or worse"
maybe we should be asking, "Do you really know who you're marrying?" rather than vowing, "for better or worse"
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Sometimes we take our friends or spouses for granted, simply because we underestimate their capacity. Appreciating your partner's abilities is just as important as developing trust in your relationship.

Well, here's an exciting game to help you uncover some hidden abilities your "super-human" partner has.

I Know You

The name of the game is "I Know You".

Step One

You and your partner each have a piece of paper and pen. You both come up with an imaginary sticky situation that each of you should device a strategy of overcoming. For example:
  1. You can assume that you/ your partner is the star in a life-and-death situation in a movie.
  2. Maybe you/ your partner are present in a life-and-death situation you saw in the news.
  3. Or you may come up with any other imaginative situation.
Each of you should write down what you would do in such situations to come out alive. Each of your papers should be marked "first request" since the game can get quite winded. Now place the papers under separate books without revealing the content to each other.

Step Two

The next step involves each of you writing down what you think the other wrote on his/ her piece of paper. This means that you're guessing at what your partner would do in the tough situations. Mark these papers as "second request" and place them under other books.

Step Three

If you're following my train of thought, you know what am getting at: continue in the same manner - writing down what you think your partner thought - until your mental capacity can't handle it. 

The Revelation

Eventually, its time to uncover what your partner would have done in life-threatening situations and compare that with what you thought he/ she was capable of doing...

Are you surprised? If you didn't know what your partner was capable of (at least theoretically), don't worry - now you know! Maybe you would know sooner if you develop good communication in your relationship.


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