My Sweet Spot: A Relationship Game That Will Boost Your Sex Life

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We've all heard the rumors that men are always turned on and that figuring out a woman's sexuality is more complex than rocket science. Most probably, such rumors aren't true, but there's only one way to find out: ask your partner.

Now, there's the difficult part - asking your partner. How do you go about it without emasculating your man or completely putting off your woman by draining love-making of all the romance and turning it into a mechanical project? Well, here's a relationship-building game to help in breaking the ice.

My Sweet Spot

The name of the game is "My Sweet Spot".

First Step: What's Your Sweet Spot?

In the first step, both you and your partner should write down what it is that each of you loves most during love-making. Try to be as elaborate as possible - even if you have to write up an entire essay.

This game isn't just a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Naturally, each of you will discover many new things that you absolutely enjoy or your personal tastes may even change over time.

To spice up the game further, you can change from writing what you enjoy during sex to writing:
  1. What you hate most during sex.
  2. Your wildest fantasy concerning sex.
  3. How you feel when your partner does a certain action during sex...

You should place each of your papers under separate books without revealing the contents to one another. Make sure to label them, "my sweet spot" or any other relevant labeling depending on what you've written.

Second Step: Your Partner's Sweet Spot

Now it's time to see whether your partner is reading from the same book as you. Does he/ she know your sweet spot?

Each of you should write down what you think is the other's sweet spot. Label the papers, "my partner's sweet spot" and place them under separate books without revealing the contents to one another. 

Third Step: What your Partner Thinks

Finally, it's time to write down your assumptions of what your your partner thinks is your sweet spot. You would be writing down what you think your partner wrote down in the second step.

Label your papers "what my partner thinks about my sweet spot", and place them under separate books without revealing the contents to each other.

The Revelation

The last step is finding out what each of you has been writing down. Does your partner have you figured out or he/ she simply has no clue at all. If he/ she had no idea about what you enjoyed between the sheets, now it is all out in the open.

Understanding each other's sexual preferences will help in developing an exciting life together in the bedroom and beyond.


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