I Know You (Version 2): A Superb Game To Bring Your Partner Back Down To Earth

Yeah, your boyfriend can piggyback you for ten minutes, now it's time to make him realize that you too can 'bellyfront' his baby for nine whole months
Yeah, your boyfriend can piggyback you for ten minutes, now it's time to make him realize that you too can 'bellyfront' his baby for nine whole months
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After playing the last relationship-building game (I Know You), I wouldn't be surprised if someone discovered that his girlfriend/ wife was actually Cat Woman in secret. I hope someone discovered that her boyfriend/ husband is Bat Man - just to even things out a bit.

Well, here's another variation to that game - this time you're going to bring your cocky husband/ boyfriend/ wife/ girlfriend back down to solid earth. Make her/ him smell the good-old morning cup of coffee and realize that he/ she is not Superman or Wonderwoman.

I Know You (Version 2)

The name of the game is 'I Know You (version 2)'.

Step One

Just as in the I Know You game, you and your partner each have a piece of paper and pen. You both come up with an imaginary sticky situation that each of you might be trapped in. For example:

  1. You can assume that you/ your partner is the star in a life-and-death situation in a movie.
  2. Maybe you/ your partner are present in a life-and-death situation you saw in the news.
  3. Or you may come up with any other imaginative situation.
However, in this game, each of you should write down a list of things that you would NOT BE CAPABLE OF DOING in such situations. Each of your papers should be marked "first request" since the game can get quite winded. Now place the papers under separate books without revealing the content to each other.

Step Two

Now, the next step involves each of you writing down what you think the other wrote on his/ her piece of paper. This means that you're guessing at what your partner would be INCAPABLE OF DOING in the tough situations. Mark these papers as "second request" and place them under other books.

Step Three

Each of you can then go on to write once more, what he/ she thinks the other has written in the "second request" paper. This means that each of you is guessing at what your partner believes you have thought she/ he is INCAPABLE of doing.

Following this pattern, you can go on and on until your mental capacity reaches its peak.

Step Four

Eventually, its time to uncover what your partner would NEVER DO in life-threatening situations and compare that with what you thought he/ she was NOT CAPABLE of doing...

Are you surprised? Welcome back to earth.

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