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Step In My Shoes: The Relationship-building Game That Uncovers What Your Partner Doesn't Tell You

yeah, if you want to understand why she's rarely in the mood, try a whole year of walking in those shoes
yeah, if you want to understand why she's rarely in the mood, try a whole year of walking in those shoes
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Have you ever asked your partner what was bugging him/ her and he/ she claimed to be OK, yet you knew that something was definitely wrong? It sure makes you feel as if you're living separate lives, instead of developing an exciting life together.

Sometimes, it's simply because he/ she thinks you wouldn't understand. Well, here's a relationship-building game that can help you understand your partner's trials and tribulations.

Step In My shoes

The name of the game is "Step In My Shoes".

First Step: What Bugs You?

In the first step, each of you will have a piece of paper and pen. Both of you should write down a list of things that you hate/ dislike about yourself.

To add variety to the game, if you play it more than once, you can change the list of things you dislike about: 
  1. your life
  2. being male/ female
  3. your job
  4. your relationship... 

Don't reveal what you've written to your partner. Make sure to mark these papers as the "first request" before placing them under separate books.

Second Step: What bugs Your Partner?

The next thing to do is for each one of you to guess what the other had written in the first paper. Write down a list of the things which you think your partner hates/ dislikes about himself/ herself.

Don't reveal what you have written to your partner. Mark these papers as "second request" and place them under separate books.

Third Step: What Your Partner Thinks You dislike

In this step, you now guess at what your partner thinks you hate/ dislike. You both write this down, label the papers as "third request" and place them under separate books.

Following this pattern, you can go on and on, until your mental capacity cannot handle it.

The Revelation

Finally it's time to let the cat out of the bag or the pieces of paper from under the books.

Did you uncover some surprising things? Did you realize that your husband/ boyfriend/ wife/ girlfriend truly understands you?

If your partner seems to have no clue about you - dump him/ her (just kidding), you can work on it by playing the I Know You game.

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