Your Story My Story: A Relationship-building Game To Turn Your Two Separate Lives Into One Exciting Life

yeah, stories become sweeter when told in hushed tones
yeah, stories become sweeter when told in hushed tones
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When you get into a relationship, you're actually trying to merge the experiences and expectations of your life with that of your partner. This diversity can either bring conflict or excitement into the relationship (that's why you need to know your partner pretty well).

Let's try out a game to help build an exciting union of your two separate lives.

Your Story My Story

The name of the game is "Your Story My Story".

As you can tell, this is about telling a story.

Step One - Each One Writes A Separate Story

In the first step, each of you should write down a separate story that each of you finds interesting. Don't reveal what you've written to your partner.

Just write a simple story, with a simple plot. However, it should be about something you love/ enjoy, for example:
  1. A love story
  2. A story of a poor street boy
  3. An action adventure of a super hero
  4. just anything
Now place each of the stories under separate books without revealing to each other. These should be marked "first request".

Step Two - Guess What Your Partner's Story Is

Now you must guess what your partner's story is. Each of you writes down a story of what you think your partner had written. Just try to imagine what kind of story your partner would enjoy reading or writing about.

Don't reveal what you've written or ask to be told what he/ she had written. Mark the stories as "second request" and place them under separate books.

Step Three - The Fun Part - Merge The Two Stories

This is the most exciting and fun part. This time you both have to come up with one single story.

Here's the catch: each of you should try as much as possible to bring in aspects of the story that you had written for yourselves, without breaking the flow of a logical story line.

This is how it goes: you give the first sentence in the story, then your partner gives the second, you then give the third sentence and your partner gives the fourth and so on.... You might have to toss a coin (or get into a fist fight - just kidding) to decide who starts on the first sentence.

 Just a few rules: while one person gives a sentence of the story, the other person would be writing it down and checking that it doesn't get longer than a certain number of words (you can both decide on 10, 15 or 20 words per sentence). You also need to decide on the maximum length of the story.

Step Four - Taraaaa!

After coming up with one unified story, it's time to find out how much of it involves your personal story and how much of it involves your partner's story. Were you able to guess what your partner's story was?

If it didn't work out so well, maybe what you need is to build communication in your relationship.

Will your real life story work out in the same way?

Tried it? Tell me how it goes in the comments below.

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