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Silly Dress-Up: When You Just Want To Mess With Him/ Her

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You shouldn’t always take your relationship too seriously. Sometimes, all you want to do is mess with your partner. Here’s an awesome way you can do that.

A great way to mess with your spouse is playing the game “Silly Dress-up”.

Silly Dress-Up
You’ve probably already played dress-up games as a child; but if you haven’t this is as good a time as any to try it out.

Have you ever imagined how your girlfriend/ wife would look all dressed up like a bearded gentleman? Alternatively, would you relish the thought of seeing your boyfriend/ husband dressed up in a miniskirt and high heels? Why not actualize your crazy fantasies and dress up your spouse – all in good fun.

How to Play
This game might require a bit of preparation earlier on just to get the right clothes, or you can make do with whatever clothes you have in the house.

The best way to fully relish the moment your partner transitions into a completely new look, is by first putting…

Hot Buttons and Golden Keys: This Game Will Answer 3 Major Questions in Every Relationship

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There exist 3 major questions that people must inquire about in their relationships:
Do you truly know what your partner needs?Does your spouse truly know what you need?Does your partner believe you know what he/ she truly needs (this is critical in developing trust in your relationship)?
You can answer these critical questions with an exciting and fun relationship-building game.