Silly Dress-Up: When You Just Want To Mess With Him/ Her

we all just wanna have fun
we all just wanna have fun

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You shouldn’t always take your relationship too seriously. Sometimes, all you want to do is mess with your partner. Here’s an awesome way you can do that.

A great way to mess with your spouse is playing the game “Silly Dress-up”.

Silly Dress-Up

You’ve probably already played dress-up games as a child; but if you haven’t this is as good a time as any to try it out.

Have you ever imagined how your girlfriend/ wife would look all dressed up like a bearded gentleman? Alternatively, would you relish the thought of seeing your boyfriend/ husband dressed up in a miniskirt and high heels? Why not actualize your crazy fantasies and dress up your spouse – all in good fun.

How to Play

This game might require a bit of preparation earlier on just to get the right clothes, or you can make do with whatever clothes you have in the house.

The best way to fully relish the moment your partner transitions into a completely new look, is by first putting a blindfold on him/ her. Of course, your spouse will notice that he/ she is being made to wear a skirt, blanket or whatever other crazy thing you can think of, but how it actually looks will only sink in much later.

While your spouse is blindfolded, you can help him/ her to wear the attire you have prepared. Throw in all your creativity so that the actual look is truly a big surprise.

Once the dressing is over, place your “model” in front of a big mirror and get ready to relish the look of astonishment on your spouse, when the blindfold comes off. Make sure that you’ve made it as wacky as possible; because you can be sure your turn is definitely going to be far worse.

Spice It Up

You can go on and on dressing up each other, but you can make it even more tantalizing with these special additions:

1.    Act Out The Character

Once you’re dressed up in a particular style, make it even more real by acting out the particular character. Strike a pose, imitate an accent or act like the character you’re dressed up for. The fun part is actually when you don’t get even close to resembling whoever you’re trying to imitate.

2.    Keep It On

As long as it doesn’t cause any embarrassment for anyone, why not keep the garb on for the rest of the day or as long as you can. If you’re both dressed up, that would be one wacky couple. And don’t share it all over Facebook – that would look really weird.

3.    Foreplay? Why Not.

Do I need say more? If it turns you on, by all means, go for it.

Crazy isn’t it?


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