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Your Story My Story: A Relationship-building Game To Turn Your Two Separate Lives Into One Exciting Life

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When you get into a relationship, you're actually trying to merge the experiences and expectations of your life with that of your partner. This diversity can either bring conflict or excitement into the relationship (that's why you need to know your partner pretty well).

Let's try out a game to help build an exciting union of your two separate lives.

I Know You (Version 2): A Superb Game To Bring Your Partner Back Down To Earth

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After playing the last relationship-building game (I Know You), I wouldn't be surprised if someone discovered that his girlfriend/ wife was actually Cat Woman in secret. I hope someone discovered that her boyfriend/ husband is Bat Man - just to even things out a bit.

Well, here's another variation to that game - this time you're going to bring your cocky husband/ boyfriend/ wife/ girlfriend back down to solid earth. Make her/ him smell the good-old morning cup of coffee and realize that he/ she is not Superman or Wonderwoman.