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The Love and Relationship Blog is all about developing a wholesome, fulfilling and exciting love-life and friendships.

You will get practical and fun tips that you can apply in your relationship to build trust, communication, empathy, respect,...

There is something here for everyone:
  1. everyone: relationship articles
  2. couples/ friends: relationship-building games
  3. couples/ dating/ trying out new friends: dating trivia
  4. preparing for a relationship/ friendship: virtual-relationship challenges
  5. singles: relationship checklists 

I Relationship-building Games

Relationship-building games are just the thing to spice up your love-life and/ or friendships.

These games are designed to help build specific aspects of your relationship/ friendship, while providing fun and excitement.

A collection of fun and exciting games that will help you:
  1. handle tough issues in your relationship/ friendship
  2. re-ignite the passion in your love-life
  3. strengthen your relationship/ friendship

II Dating Trivia

If you're dating or trying to make a new friend, your main agenda is finding out whether the two of you are compatible. However, this doesn't mean that you overwhelm your date/ friend with countless questions as if it were an interrogation.

The solution is "dating trivia": fun and exciting trivia to help you discover the personality and character of your date/ friend without being pushy.

These fun and exciting trivia have many uses, including:
  1. for dates/ making new friends: discover whether you're compatible
  2. for dates/ making friends: exciting and fun way to enjoy your time together
  3. for couples/ friends: a check at regular intervals to find out whether you're drifting apart or drawing closer

III Virtual-relationship Challenges

If you're not yet in a relationship/ friendship, you don't have to wait until you do, to know whether it will work out or not. You can prepare for the relationship before-hand and make sure that it will last.

Virtual-relationship challenges will prepare you for the real thing, by acting out a virtual one.

Virtual-relationship challenges will:
  1. prepare for real relationships/ friendships
  2. overcome difficulties in making friendships/ getting into relationships
  3. provide fun and exciting challenges for those in friendships/ relationships

IV Relationship Checklists

Are you single? Then you definitely need relationship checklists before getting into any relationship/ friendship.

A relationship checklist will prepare you for relationships by guiding you in developing realistic expectations of relationships.

A checklist will help:
  1. singles: develop realistic expectations of relationships/ friendships
  2. couples/ friends: re-define their personal expectations in the relationship/ friendship
  3. dates/ making friends: evaluate their personal preferences of the ideal spouse/ friend

V Relationship Articles

Amazing and insightful articles that are guaranteed to transform your perspective on relationships/ friendships.

These are not just articles written for the sake of writing. Each article forms the basis of practical games, trivia, challenges and checklists, to be be applied in your relationship/ friendship.

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